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Our team of Volunteers at "FRIENDS OF SARA" are a major part of our organisation and never more so with SARA as we try to look to our animals and give them the best quality of life while they recover and we look for new life long homes for them

Whether you can help us with one hour or more we need you,

one hours to help at Meggerhof

one transport to or from SARA.....

one day to help at SARA......

one night to feed......

one event to support......

one pik up of an animal......

one drop off to family......

we need you......

We can get the call to pik up babies who have lost there mum and have to feed them every two hours per day every day

We may get the call "please come and collect an animal from a vet.." we then meet you onsite to load and transport animals..

We can get the call to go assist in the removal of animals from a residence, farm, or buisness

We can get the call to transport animals in need

We need to get a project done at the SARA meggerhof farm in lucern

We a having an event to raise money for SARA or we are supporting another event

Or perhaps we just need you to give animals some love and hugs

Whatever or however you would like to help we would gladly have you join our team.....

​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

​How does it work?

When you sign up we will add you to a group via "whats up" chat or email group or both.

As we need some help we will ask on the chat / email and see who is available to help... just reply if you are free and can help us its that easy.


thank you for your reply

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